restoration and renovation of an apartment in a housing complex

Property Surface: 136,00 sq.m.
Construction: 2019
Study: 2018

Type: Residential

The renovation of a single floor apartment, constructed in the 70's, in Piraeus, responds to the brief of the owners.

Liberty of eye, hierarchy of spaces and functionnability of uses are the main synthetic means.

The new layout occurs with the remodeling of the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the introduction of a WC. The functional re-arrangement of the dining area and the living room, creating a larger rectangular surface, as well as the shift of the kitchen closer to the main façade, with direct access to the balcony, offer new quality space with multiple possibilities of spatial organization.

The intervention includes the private zone of the apartment with more equal distribution of bedrooms' surfaces, in addition with the reformation of the existing bathroom of the master bedroom, and the creation of a second shared bathroom.

Carpentry works (customized kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, wardrobes and special pieces) as well as choice of materials, color palette and finishings align with contemporary comfort and needs.