restoration and renovation of an old distillery in the traditional settlement converted to a boutique villa

Plot Surface:  348,00 sq.m.
Building Surface: 120,00 sq. m.
Construction: 2013
Study: 2012

Type: Boutique Villa

In Tripotamos, the oldest traditional settlement, this house was born between the two major milestones of the French and Greek revolutions. A stone construction, an agricultural building; it did not deign to be born in the countryside, amid the fields, and grow family ties with the other agricultural outbuildings, the windmill, the stable, the dovecot. It chose land in the settlement, within the village itself, so that its master might have close to hand those humble and eternal goods: wheat, olive oil, wine, raki.

A rare building of a necessary form. Neither house nor storeroom and yet both in one and separately.

For the past thirty years, the building with it its memories in the company of lizards, rested half-buried in earth, smothered by weeds and brambles, cut off from the Aegean and most of all from Delos across the waters.

The new owner wanted to reopen its doors, always welcoming Aegean seekers accommodated in high standards, and offering a unique experience of stay echoing the genuine local lifestyle.

The house, with a total surface of 120,00 sq.m. and attention to materials, textures and equipment, is developed on a single level. Annexed to the main volume, there is the guest studio. The earth color palette applied and the mineral elements keep the ensemble discreet, blend into its surroundings and enlighten about its origins.

The landscaped courtyard and the garden, is developed on the higher level of the property land, and has impeccable and captivating view to the sacred island of Delos, the big blue and the facing convent. The outdoor sitting area under a wooden pergola and the shadows of the old olive tree is organized around the organic shaped stone swimming pool, the hand sculptured barbeque installation and a stove oven. In between the stone walls a cavernous secret outdoor shower is formed.