restoration, renovation and extention of an old stone house

Plot Surface:  1.230,00 sq.m.
Building Surface: 320,00 sq.m.
Construction: 2014-2015
Study: 2014

Type: Residential

An old stone mansion by the sea, with a private beach, was restored and remodeled to meet the new owner's brief for a contemporary vacation house.

A stone prism on the sea front, an observatory at the Messenian Gulf.

By restoring and repairing the purpose is to reveal the qualities of the existing old building, and by adopting the constructing system and applied materials, the architectural intervention of the extension is discreet and not easily identifiable. The extension was fundamental in terms of space organization and layout, but also contributes essentially to the imprint of the building, by completing its existence.

The insertion of a swimming pool embracing the house, the landscaping of the garden and the courtyard creating progressively different micro-environments, the access to the beach, are all intervention of a storytelling procedure, of precise design with customized furniture and lighting, and of an experiential approach.