restoration and renovation of an old traditional house

Surface:  142,00 sq.m.
Construction: 2012
Study: 2011

Type: Boutique Villa

The foundations of this two-storey house situated in the centre of Kardiani, a settlement classified as a historical site with a fantastic view of the Aegean, were laid down in 1786. Before the turning of the 19th century, the first floor was added to the initial structure to cover the family's needs, while the winepress, the raki distillery, the storeroom and cellar remained in the lower ground floor or katoï. As of the 1950s and for around forty years, it became the settlement's sole popular kafenio (coffee shop), with the village barber plying his trade in one of its corners.

The new owner wanted to reopen its doors, always welcoming Aegean seekers accommodated in high standards, and offering a unique experience of stay echoing the genuine local lifestyle.

An unyielding form made of stone which refuses to be forgotten.

The building was restored and entirely reconstructed in 2012. In accordance with the key criterion of preserving its traditional character, the bearing structural elements of the old house and the stone masonry and arches, were revealed and conserved, old materials such as marble and wood were used and skillful craftsmen were employed. Most of the interventions were choices made in situ, after gradual revelations of the house's secrets and attentive observations.