landscape and swimming pool study for a hotel 


Intervention Surface: 765,00 sq.m.

Study: 2017

Type: Landscape

An opulent boutique hotel, on the Greek mountains, is evolving with the annex of a restaurant, the introduction of a wellbeing spa centre and the landscaping of the outdoor swimming area.

A natural metaphor, a potential correlation between nature and landscaping. 

The landscape design is responding to the inelastic restraint to adapt the intervention to the natural relief, the harmonious connection to the existing buildings, the priority given to the spatial planning, securing functionalism, and ductility in human scale.

The aesthetic approach sums up the morphological existence based on the primal materials and elements, such as the armour stones and the wood logs that are components borrowed by nature.

The area around the swimming pool, like a « wetland » captivate by the topography, is designed to reconcile with nature and to dialogue with mutual respect of aesthetics. Earthy color palettes, natural local mineral materials are applied without further treatment, process or make-up.